Aeronautical Industry

  • Offshore - Oil Platforms, HMS Medical Emergency
  • Inshore - fire, rescue, assembly of electric towers, cargo transport, cable car construction, VIP / Corporate transport, training, check pilots
  • Supply of equipment (aircraft, radars, simulators, defence system, communication, control and spare parts)
  • Aeronautical Consultancy - choice of technical and financial solution, negotiation, preparation of specifications, training, management, aeronautical operation and maintenance


  • Management, commercial & marketing and purchasing
  • Legal, HR, mergers and acquisitions and due diligences
  • Architecture, construction and renovations
  • Technical, engineering and scientific

Industrial Utilities

  • P.C. ("Engineering, procurement and construction")
  • Supply, production, management, operation and maintenance and valorisation of industrial utilities (thermal energy - heat and cold, electrical, compressed air, industrial gases, water and waste)
  • Photovoltaic, wind power, cogeneration and trigeneration, biomass, ETA and ETAR
  • Projects of Energy efficiency and Renewable Energies